Fondata nel 2016 dal fotografo Pep Kim e Aaron Herrington (pro per Polar Skate Co.), Chrystie NYC produce un apparel di alta qualità, ispirato al mondo del calcio, dello skateboarding e dello street fashion. Uno dei brand più cool uscito dalla scena di New York negli ultimi anni, 100% run and owned by skaters, come piace a noi.

Founded in 2016 by photographer Pep Kim and Aaron Herrington (a pro for Polar Skate Co.) Chrystie NYC provides premium clothing that support street skate scenes, whilst keeping urban culture creative and exciting. Influences include soccer, fashion and skateboarding, plus things they own, like and appreciate – quality garments, nice embroidery and stitching. With distinctively clean and confident colour choices, Chrystie are setting markers with their own style, whilst being a part of the ever-growing skater owned brand collective in New York City.